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New Vesta » ADD A SPARK

Renew & Reinvigorate Your Spirit, Relationship, Home & Family Life with New Vesta

YouTubeLogoSeminars are currently being scheduled in various cities: please check back soon. Meanwhile, tune-in to the New Vesta channel on YouTube for “Add a Spark” webisodes.  

Add A Spark

Today, many people find themselves searching for a way to blend an intelligent, relevant spiritual system with their humanist values or secular worldview. Many search for a way to bring greater meaning to their home life and stronger unity to their marriage and/or family.

In the absence of such a spirituality, too many people go through their lives searching for meaning, practicing the same self-defeatist behaviors and getting stuck in the same ruts: life-draining negativity, chronic unhappiness and relationship breakdown.

“Add a Spark” seminars are designed to help both women and men break the cycle of negativity and bad habits that are preventing them from living life to the fullest.   They promote “sparks” of spiritual meaning and positive change that can transform all areas of an individual’s personal and home life.

“Add a Spark” seminars teach vital elements of the New Vesta spiritual worldview: these include the ancient history, rituals and doctrine of the Vesta tradition and how these fit into contemporary practice. They combine fascinating facts with essential insight and informed practical advice about one of the world’s fastest-growing and most relevant belief systems.

These seminars show both men and women how to achieve personal happiness and spiritual well-being, as well as how to enjoy loving, successful long-term interpersonal relationships. By reigniting the “old ways” of Vesta, a modern life – and home – can be illuminated.


Interested In A Seminar?

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